Carson P. Cooman

Virelai (Violine Solo)

Virelai (Violine Solo) Virelai (Violine Solo) Virelai (Violine Solo) Virelai (Violine Solo) Virelai (Violine Solo)

Virelai (2008) for solo violin is dedicated to violinist Gabriela D&iacute,az.

Virelai (noun, Old French)
1. an old French form of short poem, composed of short lines running on two
rhymes and having two opening lines recurring at intervals.
2. any of various similar or other forms of poem, as one consisting of stanzas made
up of longer and shorter lines, the lines of each kind rhyming together in each
stanza, and having the rhyme of the shorter lines of one stanza forming the
rhyme of the longer lines of the next stanza.
3. a medieval song form providing a musical setting for a virelai but having a formal
structure different from that of the poem.

This brief and rhapsodic work for violin uses the poetic form of the virelai as the basis of its musical


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Artnr.: mfcc131
Autoren: Cooman Carson P. 1982-*
Stilrichtung: Klassik Zeitgenössisch
Instrument: Violine
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