François-Joseph Naderman

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The Pierre Jamet collection is a series of historical works for the Harp which have been revised fingered and edited by Marie-Claire Jamet, using 19th century first editions found in her father´s papers as musicological sources.

Francois-Joseph Naderman (Paris, August 5, 1781 - Paris, April 2, 1835) was a classical harpist, son of the harp maker Jean Henri Naderman. A student of Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz, Naderman became a famous musician after the French revolution, throughout the Consulat, the First Empire and through the Restoration.

In 1804, he directed a concert at the Invalides in honor of Napoleon which included 12 harps. After the Restoration, he became the harpist of the Royal Chapel and in 1825 the harp professor at the Paris Conservatory, where one of his most notable students was Dieudonne-Felix Godefroid.


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Artnr.: mffn001
Autoren: Naderman, François-Joseph (1781-1835)
Stilrichtung: Romantik (19. Jhn.)
Instrument: Harfe
Seiten: 13
Tempo: Andante ma non troppo
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