Paul Wehage

Valse Sophie ("C Melody" Tenor Saxophon + Klavier) - Noten Download PDF

Valse Sophie is a part of a series of works in the style of 1920s saxophone music in preparation
of the composition of my opera Light Unto Ashes, a musical allegory about the life of Saxophonist
Rudy Wiedoeft to a libretto by Elizabeth Kirschner. The particular work is in the style of the typical
Operetta-style Waltz that was performed by instrumental soloists in recordings and concerts during
the vaudeville era in the United States. The modified Rondo form (ABACA-coda) is also similar to
19th century works such as those composed by Ali Ben Sou Alle.


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Artnr.: mfprw047cm
Autoren: Wehage, Paul (1963-*)
Stilrichtung: Klassik (Zeitgenössisch)
Instrument: Klavier & Tenor Saxophon
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