Thérèse Brenet

Ophiucus (Erzähler, Viola, Keltische Harfe, Gitarre, Mandoline) - Noten Download PDF

This title, which refers to a giant planet discovered by astronomer Donald McCarthy of the University of Arizona, expresses Therese Brenet's favorite image of the infinity of Time and Space. Planet V. P.8B is 21 lightyears away from Earth , such a distance along suffices to encourage one to reflection.

This cosmic reverie is emphasised by a fragment of Nietzsche's poem Nocturne, the recitation of which may be inserted by the instrumentalists over the playing of the music.

"Innumerable suns gravitate in deserted space, they speak through their light to all in the darkness. But I live in my own light. I drink the flames which shoot forth from me"

The reverie is also expressed by the absence of a conclusion, characteristic of the work. Thersee Brenet has deliberately omitted the double bar which traditionally closes a musical piece , the work is not brought to a conclusion - it still resonates while fading away in an endless perdendosi suggesting the idea that we would find these fugitive harmonies in the cosmos, if we could pursue the speed of sound.


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Artnr.: mftb022
Autoren: Brenet, Thérèse (1935-*)
Stilrichtung: Klassik (Zeitgenössisch)
Instrument: Quintett (5 St.)
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Dauer: 11:47
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