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Revueltas is considered not only the most important XX. Centurie’s Mexican composer, but one of the main composers worldwide. His cicle of four string quartets (1930=1932) is comparable to the one of Bartok. His last quartet is titled: Música de Feria (Music of the Fair). With its overwhelming vitality, permanent changes, perfect handling of solo and ensemble parts it is a masterpiece of its genre from the XX. Century. The mood changes between rough wildness and tender lullaby in seven minutes of most concentrated chamber music, in perfect combination of highly individual parts and great homogeneity of the score, and, of course, in every bar unmistakable Mexican. Revueltas’ rythmical writing, mainly in bars of different metric (f.e. 2/4 and 6/8) leaves space to doubts. Therefore this edition unifies the metrical writing (in the given example the 6/8 are 2 triplets of semiquarters in a 2/4 bar). The bowings are from the editor. The dynamical suggestions of the editor, in order to achieve a better dynamical balance, are printed in brackets and in grey (mf



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Artnr.: 9783737806114
Autoren: Revueltas, Silvestre/ Meissner J., Michael
Stilrichtung: Klassik (ab 20. Jhn.)
Instrument: Quartett (Streicher)
Seiten: 7 (nur Einzelstimme)
Dauer: 08:22
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